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Scott Vreeland for Parks
2437 33rd Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406 US
Phone: (612) 721-7892 Website:
  Welcome to my web site. I am running for reelection to be a Park Board Commissioner for District # 3. This year will be the 130th year of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. I am honored to be part of this great history and I would like to continue to work on making this a well run, well respected organization that focuses on environmental stewardship, great programs, and great parks that meet the needs of our city.
Please contact me directly with questions or answers for me.

Scott Vreeland
(612) 721-7892


Thanks to Margo Ashmore and the Northeaster for the National Bird Sanctuary photo

Paid and prepared by Neighbors for Scott Vreeland
Deb Wolking Treasurer 4517 30th Ave. S Mpls. MN 55406
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